Temple Themes in the Scriptures

Temple Themes in the Book of Moses

About the book


The book of Moses is an ideal starting point for a scripture-based study of temple themes. It is well known, for example, that the LDS temple endowment, like the book of Moses, includes includes the stories of Creation and of Adam and Eve. What is more rarely appreciated, however, is that the relationship between scripture and temple teachings goes two ways. Not only have many of the stories of the book of Moses been included in the endowment, but also, in striking abundance, themes echoing temple architecture, furnishings, ordinances, and covenants have been deeply woven into the text of the book of Moses itself.

In order to identify and explore temple themes in the book of Moses, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw has combined insights from scripture, modern prophets, and religious scholars with relevant excerpts from ancient religious documents. Written in a clear and compelling style, and including over one hundred full color images, this book aims to provide an increased appreciation for the doctrines and ordinances of the temple, and for the book of Moses as inspired scripture.